Sparrow gang

Sparrow Gang

This beautiful 1 st September morning my upturned dustbin lid on a stand has attracted 20 little house sparrows, a species supposed to be on the endangered list.

The lid is a container for my Juniper growing in a piece of tufa stone and standing in water.


Viburnam opulus

Common name

Gelder rose

Used in hedgerow planting

The bravest birds plunge in and then out, all wet and happy, flying into the nearest bush of Gelder rose to preen.

In the spring these same birds fed their young on the greenfly on my roses, then they disappear to the woods and fields for the summer.

The Sparrows worst enemy is the aptly named Sparrow hawk who raids the nests for the eggs and young birds in spring. A prickly Pyracantha bush trained against a wall provides excellent protection to nest boxes.

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