Climate change and the effect of aircraft emissions

Letter about climate change and the effect of aircraft emissions.

I am an angry person.

I have been observing climate change for 30 years. I have got newspaper cuttings about climate change and mentioned the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 in an influential book I wrote for schools.

“Local Agenda 21 was defined as ’sustainable development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs . . . . and keep within the carrying capacity of supporting natural systems’ ”

Those “ natural systems” have now irretrievably broken down: fire; drought; floods; devastation of nature.

Sir David Attenborough keeps entreating us to act. 5 Nov. 2006 Independent on Sunday : “Planet in Peril “ without the political will action on the scale required won’t be possible”.

Independent 8 Oct. 2018: “Government urged to take ‘drastic action to combat climate change” this is where you all come in to the equation. IPPC: “6000 research papers” how many more of these ineffective papers do we need?

I know that you are an adviser to g’vt so I presume you still all have the ear of those in charge. Do we need ALL of you to take over the job of government before things change for the future of the world?

I will not quote you from the Nat. Geographical issue on “Water”, April 2010 but may I entreat you to read it again.

The reason I am writing in particular, is that since moving to this high altitude I have been able to observe the sky in detail. Clear blue skies are a thing of the past. Two years ago I would sit having breakfast and see about eight contrails across the northern sky and two hours later the contrails having travelled across the sky to the south would have spread out, cutting out the sun. Now it is so bad up there that the fresh contrails are difficult to discern from the previous ones because they are so dense.

I spoke to an scientist at the NERC exhibition under the wings of Concord, at an exhibition there in Manchester and all he said was: “We are worried”.

This upper atmosphere pollution is going up there and not coming down again. I met a man near Hawarden ( where they build aircraft ), and I showed him a cutting from this cutting from the Guardian.

His face fell. He said after a moments hesitation, “ I deliver thousands of gallons of fuel to Manchester airport”. I felt for him. But I cannot feel anything but anger about people who fly needlessly on a continuous basis.

Finally to the Guardian again for the latest news. This time it is poised carefully on the inside page of the Travel Section. It is headed as “ Ethical Travel” and asks “Is there such a thing as a right to fly?” Flying is killing the earth rapidly.

Again in the Guardian 8 Jan 2019: Dahr Jamail: “We hang over the abyss. We refused to hear the warnings Earth sent and there is NO rescue team”. “We are already facing mass extinction. There is no way of revving the heat we have introduced nor the the 40bn tons of CO2 we pump into the atmosphere every single year.

I have written on the front of my 2018 Diary “ECOLOGICAL DISASTER” because the changes I have observed in nature are beyond anything I have ever witnessed before and there is nothing I can do about it other that encourage people like yourselves to do something positive on behalf of the world that I love.

My desk is now piled high with paper cuttings so I will end there. . . . .


11 Feb. 2019

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