Death, and death of Our Planet

The scenery is as “Turneresque” as it ever was in the Welsh Marches at dawn; the mist is lingering around the gently curving hills and valleys; hovering over the rivers; rising off the reservoir surface as though a great beast was waking in the dark water. Imagine if the gasses from the effluent we and our animals create is contaminating this beauty.

The idea that we should add to this the contamination from a new crematorium is an abomination. There is an alternative to this polluting and carbon wasteful method that should be seriously considered: pyrolizing. Not only human cadavas can be disposed of this way but also fallen stock and organic based trimmings etc.

Pyrolizing is a way of capturing any contaminants but especially all the carbon so that it can be put back in the ground indefinately. Taid [grandfather] put back in the fields should be an appealing proposition. The bonus is that  the gas that can be collected from this process can be utilized for other uses. It will need an act of parliment to do this. But, could Wales take a lead in this matter?

The fact is that there is already major air pollution from the vast number of intensive farm units, mainly poultry, that have proliferated in the area.

The mist moving slowly through the trees is full of invisible pollutants, mainly from these intensive farm units, and is depositing them on the trees which  then absorb the contaminants through their leaves and needles, the rest ending up on the ground where they overdose the delicate world of fauna that supports the tree via its roots. The contamination is killing the trees and the entire ecological support system. There will be a grave possibility of forest fires in the future. WHY add another polluting factor to the air that we breath?


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