Temple to Nature®



Saves valuable treated drinking water and helps lock up carbon.

Natural separation keeps the bacteria in a healthy state. The unit prevents the unnatural mix of faeces and urine creating an unpleasant smell.

Loo fibre is basis for soil replenishment.It contains biochar to absorb xenobiotics i.e. human pollutants and is created using 100% renewable natural material and is 100% recyclable.

Urine is collected and diluted and becomes a nitrogen fertiliser on its own to make grass greener.

Solids mixed with loo fibre and paper begins to break down to compost only when water is added. Once the biological breakdown has occurred after a few months the mix is ready to put back on the soil.

THIS MIX IS PERFECT FOR PLACING IN THE PLANTING PIT FOR A TREE, it helps them to be resistant to disease.

To Order:      Loo Fibre:

   now lower price if you buy now

           10  X  2 ltr bags   @  £14    plus          £6 P&P       TOTAL =   £20

Easy payment by  PAY PAL  or Cheque to: Seeds of Green Ltd,

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Little things mean a lot and one small way we can help the planet is to demonstrate a ‘back to nature’ system which could be one.

The 5′ version of Temple to Nature® is designed for children to build and use themselves. On top is a a pond to attract birds, away from predators. It also incorporates a secret bird box that could have a camera fitted.

An adult version: 6′ can be made to order.

NEW Eco compost now for sale in apprx. 20 Litre bags.


Collection of the waste material is from a lined bucket in children’s toilets or from a bin underneath. The bin version [to order] only needs emptying once per year. All this depends on the number of users.

The most important facts are:

  • keep the waste dry and the unit well ventilated
  • the window grill is the air inlet and the pipe at the back the outlet
  • it can save up to 50 lts of water per day

Children’s dry toilet, with adapter for 2 year olds.

Flat pack and only needs an Allen key headed screwdriver.

Contact details here 

Email: templetonature@icloud.com

content/uploads/2019/04/Temple-to-Nature-order-form-2019-04-11.pdf”>Order form with build details.