Temple to Nature®

See us at the 2019 spring shows!

RWAS Smallholding and Countryside Festival – Sat 18 and Sun 19 May, Builth Wells

Festival of Discovery – Fri 30th May and Sat 1st June, Anglesey Showground

Little things mean a lot and one small way we can help the planet is to demonstrate a ‘back to nature’ system which could be one.

This Temple to Nature® is designed for children to build and use themselves. On top is a a pond to attract birds, away from predators. It also incorporates a secret bird box that could have a camera fitted.

An adult version can be made to order.


By using coir or Dalefoot bracken/wool mix, NOT sawdust, the resulting free fertilizer from this natural toilet is the finest thing for improving soil.

Collection of the waste material is from a lined bucket in children’s toilets or from a bin underneath. The bin version [to order] only needs emptying once per year. All this depends on the number of users.

The most important facts are:

  • keep the waste dry and the unit well ventilated
  • the window grill is the air inlet and the pipe at the back the outlet
  • it can save up to 50 lts of water per day

Children’s dry toilet, fully fitted with adapter for 2 year olds.

Contact Briony for more details or click the link below for the order form.

Order form with build details.